Imagine Global is a firm specialized in International Mobility; it is formed by a team of professionals with proven experience in the areas of Global Immigration, Tax Law, Labor Law, and Relocation services.

Imagine Global experience is available to its customers, who can choose from a broad range of services to ensure the success of the international mobility of its human capital, as well as the achievement of the objective to which this talent is assigned.


At Imagine Global we are specialists in the area of International Mobility for companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations (MNCs). We offer solutions that focus on people in order to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of our clients, coordinating and adapting each international assignment from the strategy of the business, to which the employee will be allocated, to the incorporation of the professional to the business itself, including all the legal formalities or the relocation, that involves the process based on the needs of the customer.


Imagine Global has its corporate headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and has a consolidated international network with local expert partners in more than forty countries. These international allies allow us to coordinate from a single location, the integral management of a mobility process, both inbound and outbound, as well as assist the global needs of our clients.

Our international network of expert partners is distributed throughout AMERICA, AFRICA, EUROPE and ASIA, allows us to assist our customers and provides them with a rapid and effective response, wherever their needs are.


One of Imagine Global principal lines of business is a flat-rate monthly agreement based on integral management, and coordination of the international mobility of our customers. We become part of their own corporate teams, as a reliable partner of the HR Department. Thus, we are in charge of advising, assisting, and giving support right where their needs are, from the development of the international mobility policy, which influences the business strategy, to the management implementations, which represent the international movement, inbound and outbound.


We are committed to ensure that the move to another country is a fluid and a satisfactory process to our customers, thus the professional being allocated and his family can just relax and enjoy the experience.

Imagine Global will provide the professional and his family all the necessary to guarantee that the transfer will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our commitment is to provide a personalized service focused on quality and excellence.

Tax Area
Tax Area
Labor Law
Labor Law


We care about the most important

Our specialists in Relocation are there to advise and enhance employee integration with his/her personal and professional environment, guiding the transferee see the movement as a balanced and rewarding process.

Airport pick up
Orientation and greeting meeting
Temporary accommodation
Tourist Visit

Moving services
Pet moving services
Housing searching rental/purchase
School Searching and assistance on registration
Legal assistance on lease/purchase negotiation
Lease/buy furniture assistance
Utilities set-up process: electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet
Advice on type of insurance: travel, health, home, vehicle
Banking facilities / Open and close bank account
Auto Leasing/Car Purchase
Spousal support for finding employment
Repatriation Services


A comprehensive partner to optimize each

Provide Acvice in the area of international tax for international assignments  or temporary displacements.

We provide our clients with a detailed report with the tax implication of a particular country.

Yields obtained (labor law, capital, principal equality, taxes, etc…)
Net worth pro t/losses
Special status application for expatriates
Compensation scheme for aditional costs

Revision and report on its implementation.

Development of comprehensive management systems for businesses and professionals.

Prepare tax declaration of host location and destination.

Give advice and conduct the tax equalization report with the necessary calculations when the company has negoziated the net payroll and allowances for international assignments, without considering the margins of the tax of both countries.


Our job is making yours easier

We provide our clients with an analysis of the alternatives depending on the company and employee needs, as well as the applications and implications of the different international treaties and conventions:

Employment relations
Law applications
Documents and obligations

We advice our clients on the different applications and implications of the different international laws and conventions in the Social Security system concerning the international mobility of a professional.

Letter of international assignments
Submission of communications to Social Security Administration


“A move to a new country is an adventure. You let experts take control while you enjoy the new experience.”

Imagine Global

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